Welcome to Goldcrest, London’s premier post production facility. We cater specifically to the needs of feature film and high-end television clients, providing a comprehensive range of services and a peerless roster of talent within our central Soho facilities.

The company is world-renowned for its post production services, and its credit list includes many of the biggest feature film and HETV projects of recent years. Despite this, we are always striving to improve the service to our clients, and to this end have recently added VFX, sound editorial and dailies to our range of core services.


Goldcrest prides itself on the location of its two central Soho buildings, the quality of the operational environments therein, and the peerless group of individuals working within the facilities, from our dedicated team of runners through to the senior creative talent.

"For all our friends at Goldcrest, the greatest of collaborators, thank you, with respect and admiration."


Goldcrest’s extensive range of services cover the breadth of production requirements from dailies through to final delivery, encompassing comprehensive picture and sound post facilities. Within our walls, filmmakers can complete every stage of the journey from set to final delivery of their content.