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White Mischief

If there was a place untouched by war in the last months of 1940, it was Kenya’s Happy Valley. The life of pleasure established by Josslyn Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll, and his companions over the preceding 15 years went unchecked by fear of uncertain future. In a society in which adultery was routine, his flamboyant affair with the beautiful Diana, wife of Sir “Jock” Delves Broughton raised no eyebrows. Only murder could shatter the complacency of their decadent world.

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Cast and crew

Michael Radford (Il Postino: The Postman, Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Merchant of Venice)

Simon Perry

Michael Radford, Jonathan Gems (Mars Attacks!)

Greta Scacchi, Charles Dance (Ali G Indahouse), John Hurt (Hellboy, Alien), Hugh Grant (Love Actually, Notting Hill), Joss Ackland (Lethal Weapon II)

Columbia Pictures


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 107 minutes

Year of production: 1987


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