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"Without doubt one of the finest British films of the last 50 years."


The Killing Fields

Sydney Schanberg is sent to Cambodia in 1972 as the New York Times’ correspondent, to cover the growing war between the country’s revolutionary Khmer Rouge and the government. His Cambodian assistant is the kind and knowledgeable Dith Pran. To the correspondent, Pran is indispensable: as an interpreter, reporter and friend. But, when the victorious Khmer Rouge troops take the capital of Phnom Pehn, their lives change forever.

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Cast and crew

Roland Joffe (The Mission)

David Puttnam (Academy Award winner; Chariots of Fire, The Mission, Midnight Express)

Bruce Robinson (The Rum Diary)

Sam Waterston (The Man in the Moon, TV’s successful Law & Order series), Haing S. Ngor (Heaven & Earth), John Malkovich (Burn after Reading, Con Air), Julian Sands (Leaving Las Vegas, A Room with a View)

Warner Bros.


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 142 minutes

Year of production: 1984


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