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Criminal Record

  • Director:  Shaun James Grant,Jim Loach
  • DOP: Laurent Bares,Jan Jonaeus
  • Studio Apple TV
  • Year: 2023
  • Genre: Action / Thriller
  • Runtime: 480 minutes
  • Distribution: Apple TV

Goldcrest’s Involvement

The story follows two brilliant detectives in a tug of war over a historic murder conviction, dealing with issues of race, institutional failure, and the quest to find common ground in a polarized Britain.


Cast and Crew


  • Sue de Beauvoir
  • Phil Hunter
  • Clare Batty
  • Alison Sterling


  • Paul Rutman


  • Cush Jumbo
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Ayasha Kala
  • Cathy Tyson
  • Stephen Campbell
  • Tom Moutchi

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