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Sound Mixing Theatre Three

Dolby Theatrical License 7.1 / 5.1

The perfect environment for HETV mixing.

Theatre Dimensions
11m x 7m
Screen Size
8m x 6m
5.1 & 7.1


Theatrical & HETV Mixing

Consol - 32 Fader ICON D-Control.

Projection Design F82 WUXGA Full HD Projector 5.

Black Magic Decklink Extreme HD video card.

Colin Broad Wiper and Cue system.

Dolby 750 Cinema Processor.

Exigy 7.1 surround sound monitoring.

Protools - HDX2 32 i/o playback (PT v10/11), HD2 16 i/o dubber (PTv10).

Outboard - Focusrite ISA428 Mic Pre Amp, Millennia HV3D Mic Pre Amp, DK Audio MSD

600m Jellyfish Meter.

Dolby Theatrical License 7.1 / 5.1.

"For all our friends at Goldcrest, the greatest of collaborators – Thank you, with respect and admiration."