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Spike Island

Set in May 1990, SPIKE ISLAND is the story of five 16 year old boys die-hard fans of UK band The Stone Roses, a band whose place in music history is unsurpassed. They dream of making it big with their own band Shadow Caster, and of seeing their heroes live on stage at what will be the gig of the decade. As they celebrate the end of their school days and make plans to attend the band’s legendary concert on Spike Island, we follow their journey which sees life-long friendships tested and their future together brought into question. The fact that they don’t have tickets doesn’t deter them nor does the jealous rivalry which rears its head when a girl threatens to ruin their perfect world. In an emotive climax, the boys realise that their journey to Spike Island and adulthood will see them changed forever. 

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Cast and crew

Mat Whitecross (Ashes, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll)

Fiona Nielson and Esther Douglas, Fiesta Productions (Ashes, Life N’ Lyrics)

Chris Coghill (Weekender)

Elliott Tittensor, Nico Mirallegro, Emilia Clarke, Matthew McNulty, Lesley Manville, Steve Evets, Adam Long, Oliver Heald, Jordan Murphy



Runtime: 105 minutes

Year of production: 2012


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