DistributionThe Search for One-Eye Jimmy

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The Search for One-Eye Jimmy

Les, a young filmmaker discovers that local slacker, Jimmy, is missing and decides to make the search the topic of his new documentary aided by many of the crazy and oddball locals. The hilarious and badly organized search party winds its way through the streets of Brooklyn encountering the FBI, the Catholic Church and the local Mafia, until the mysterious Jimmy suddenly appears with one unbelievably outrageous story.

The Search for One-Eye Jimmy image

Cast and crew

Sam Henry Kass

Lisa Bruce (No Strings Attached), Robert Nickson

Sam Henry Kass

Steve Buscemi (Armageddon, Con Air), Samuel L. Jackson (Star Wars, Kill Bill), John Turturro (Transformers, The Big Lebowski), Jennifer Beals (The Book of Eli)


Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 86 minutes

Year of production: 1993


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