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The Return of the Soldier

It is 1916. The First World War, a waking nightmare of gore and mud, is being waged in France. At home, in the calm of the English countryside, the horror of the trenches is just beginning to seep into the dreams of those who wait. As one man fights to regain his memory, three women come to terms with the shell-shocked veteran who returns from the war.

BAFTA Nominee

The Return of the Soldier image

Cast and crew

Alan Bridges (The Shooting Party)

Simon Relph, Ann Skinner (Star Wars)

Hugh Whitemore

Glenda Jackson (Academy Award winner - A Touch of Class; Sunday Bloody Sunday), Julie Christie (Academy Award winner - Darling; Dr Zhivago, Finding Neverland), Ann-Margret (Grumpy Old Men), Alan Bates (Gosford Park)

European Classics


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 102 minutes

Year of production: 1982


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